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HALFF (Health and Local Food for Families) is a charity that aims to improve people’s health and wellbeing by changing the way we eat and developing essential life skills. The charity works with disadvantaged and isolated groups in the community providing free cookery sessions around East Devon, South Somerset and West Dorset. The kind of cooking sessions run by HALFF offer a fantastic opportunity for people to make sustainable lifelong changes to the way they eat by enriching attitude to diet, its nutritional content and provenance.

Through our partnership with HALFF, we have helped socially isolated people living alone in Devon and young families in difficult situations in Somerset, improve their health and quality of life through a training programme enabling them to make simple healthy food. Halff's Website


In the summer of 2012 we embarked on a collaboration with River Cottage that would raise awareness of a shared concern. Food not only has the power to provide life nurturing vitamins, proteins and minerals but also has the ability to make someone in distress smile. When life is at its toughest, this small piece of enjoyment should not be disregarded, but instead promoted as a key step in healing and enhancing life.

The Chefs School team developed a range of recipes chefs and cooks could pick up and produce for their patients/residents/loved ones. To support these recipes, a course was developed so that those responsible for care could learn more about producing healthy and tasty dishes. Our partnership with River Cottage connects a desire to increase the use of sustainable, seasonal and local ingredients with the ambition to provide tasty and healthy meals to society’s most vulnerable.

River Cottage

Care Home Support

Care home residents are at higher risk of malnutrition compared to the general population. The increased risk is because residents can present with swallowing difficulties, are less mobile, often have reduced cognition and some are completely dependent on feeding. It is estimated that more than 33% of people over 65 years old are at high risk of malnutrition, on admission to hospital in the UK. For those from care homes the risk is higher at 50% (BMJ 2017). It is therefore essential we recognise the role of good nutrition and tasty food in care homes, particularly if a swallowing difficulty exists.

Eating with Dignity has growing support with care homes striving to improve food choice, presentation and taste thus increasing the quality of life and well-being for their residents.

Seaton Friends Hospice at Home

We work with Seaton Friends Hospice at Home (SFH@H) to support people in all stages of life to be able to have their choice of quality and dignified treatment living in their own homes.

Click here for SFH@H's Website.

Individual supporters:

  • Dr Prue Mitchell; Macmillan GP
  • Dr Tim Harlow; Hospiscare Devon
  • Andy Foster, Chef, Elmwood Residential Care Home, Colyford
  • Emma Callery, Chef, Thornfield Residential Care Home, Seaton
  • Andrew Kirby, Nursing and Residential Care Home manager
  • Anna Gubanska, Chef, The Seaton Care Home, Seaton
  • Check House Nursing Home, Seaton
  • Silverleigh Nursing Home, Axminster

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