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More Information

We have devised simple, cheap, tasty and calorific recipes that are approved by our team of doctors, nurses, speech and language therapists and dieticians. People that you may be familiar with have submitted some recipes; others are family recipes that have been important in people’s lives. We are extremely grateful that they have felt able to share these with us.

This is just the beginning: we hope that by raising the profile of quality food for all vulnerable people – both young and old – we will really start to make a positive difference in people’s lives. Society can be judged by the state of its roads or more importantly by the way it treats its children, elderly and sick.


Eating with dignity is a small charity and therefore does not make profit. Personal recipes that are passed down through families may well have originated and been adapted from a cookbook. Where possible every effort has been made to establish the origin of the recipes and permission sought or origin acknowledged.