Modified Consistency Foods


• Any foods, no restrictions

Fork Mashable
Fork Mashable
Food is soft, tender and moist but needs some chewing.
Meat must be soft and tender and served no bigger than 15mms or serve meat finely minced (no hard bits of mince).
It can be mashed with a fork.
It usually requires a thick, smooth sauce, gravy or custard.

    •    Flaked fish in a thick sauce
    •    Stewed apple and thick custard

Thick Purée
Thick purée

A thick, smooth, moist consistency
No lumps. Bits should be removed by puréeing or sieving
Drops from a spoon, rather than pours
Can be eaten with a fork or spoon
Will hold its own shape on a plate, and can be moulded, layered or piped
No chewing required
A thickener may be added to maintain stability

    •    Smooth puréed meat/vegetables/fruit
    •    Smooth yogurt/fromage frais
    •    Mousse

Thin Purée
Thin purée
Food does not require chewing; it is smooth with no ‘bits’.
It does not hold its shape on a plate or when scooped.
It cannot be eaten with a fork because it slowly drops through the prongs.
The prongs of a fork do not make a clear pattern on the surface.
It cannot be piped, layered or moulded but can be poured.
It ‘spreads out’ if spilled.

    •    Yogurt (no bits)