Food and Nutrition Advice

Food & Nutrition Advice

vibrant-foodThis section contains important advice for those who are struggling to swallow or are at risk nutritionally . Information is intended for guidance and not a substitute for a professional speech and language/dietetic assessment.

When a modified diet is suggested by your speech and language therapist, you will find recipes in the ‘EAT!’ section that have been recommended as ‘suitable’ for normal, fork mashable and purée diets. Please read the modified consistency foodsfor further detail. It is essential that food is prepared in accordance with these modifications to avoid medical complications.

NB: If thickened fluids are also recommended, speak to your speech and language therapist regarding the consistency of the soups and smoothies in the ‘Eat!’ section. Soups and smoothies are easily thickened to an appropriate consistency using specialised products.

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- Modified Consistency Foods

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