Before we start, a word about ingredients. Fresh is always best if available; but if not, adapt and use what you have, and experiment. There is no right and wrong – just what works for you.

Looking at the recipe nutritional breakdowns, you will see the fat content of some of these recipes is very high. This is deliberate, as in nutritional supplementation we are trying to increase the background calorific input in the daily diet by 250-600Kcals for improved health outcomes. Cholesterol in this setting is essential for the body to maintain normal function and I am aware that this may seem strange when usually we are advised to reduce fats and cholesterol in our diet.

Recipe contributors.
Through the slow development of Eating with Dignity this last year it has become obvious that there is a raft of culinary skill and talent in the local community. Friends, family, colleagues and patients have been very kind in contributing some great recipes.

river-cottage-every-dayThanks must also go to Hugh Fearnley-Whittingstall and the River Cottage team.

You will notice that some recipes were always designed to be blended and others can be prepared and blended on completion. This may allow everyone to enjoy the same meal.

Please see Speech and Language therapy notes and advice for further information.


Fork Mashable

Thick Purée

Thin Purée