Daddan’s Soup

Daddan’s Soup

Thick Purée Thin Purée
Fork Mashable Normal

Simple yet effective.
This recipe has been devised and approved by the best.

Conflict of interest: my Grandmother’s soup recipe.

Serves 2

2 parsnips
1 apple
1- 2 teaspoons curry powder – to taste
Double cream


Combine and blend
Serve cold
Nutritional information

Total 525g
Kcal 363.55
Protein 3.68g
Fat 17.17g
CHO 51.88g
Fibre 12.41g
Sugars 48.02g
Sodium 191.85mg
Potassium 1070.65mg
Calcium 113.5 mg
Iron 1.95mg
Vitamin C 27.38mg
Vitamin B6 0.76mg

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