Courgette Bhaji

Courgette Bhaji


The Sidmouth Tandoori is a fantastic gem for tasty food. We routinely take our visitors there and even guests from London are unanimously impressed by the flavour of their food even compared to what is available locally to them at home.

I am extremely grateful to Si and Salma Chowdhury who have contributed some fantastic traditional recipes which they have enjoyed with their family.


1tbsp olive/vegetable oil
1/2 garlic – crushed (optional)
salt to taste
1 medium onion – finely chopped
1tsp freshly ground cumin
half tsp turmeric
2 medium courgettes – julienne
1 green chilli or flakes (optional)
Fresh coriander


In a non stick frying pan heat the oil and add the garlic.  As it starts to sizzle, add the onions and salt if using and stir until slightly soft.  Add the cumin and turmeric, stir for a few minutes until the smell is not so strong.  Add the courgettes and chilli if using.  Bring to a medium to high heat and stir without covering, which allows any excess liquid from courgettes to evaporate and should cook quite quickly.  Add the chopped coriander just before you turn off the heat and stir through.

Other variations are potato, potato and carrots, aubergine or any other vegetable you fancy.  You may need to adjust the amount of spices depending on the veg or amount.

This is a very simple recipe I make at home for my family all the time, with all the above variations.  Serve with rice/chapatti/pitta bread/salad.

You can use the above recipe and add a tablespoon of curry powder then instead of the veg use about 5 tbsp ish washed red lentils.  You will need to add about 2 cups of water, bring to the boil and simmer for about half an hour or more until just cooked (add more water if you need to, to cook.  This should have enough movement without being runny as most of the liquid should have evaporated.

Simply delicious.

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