Coq Au Scrumpy

NormalThick Purée

This recipe has been provided by Sheppys Cider – thank you so much – it makes a very flavoursome puree.

Thick puree:  Blend to a smooth consistency on completion

Serves 6


4 oz Pancetta, cubed

8 Chicken thighs

1 lb Carrots, sliced

Splash of Cognac

1 lb Mushrooms

1 Small sprig of rosemary

2 Apples, peeled and sliced

1 Celery stick, sliced


4 Large onions

4 Pints dry scrumpy

Chicken stock

Few sprigs thyme

Salt and pepper

Flour to thicken



Fry pancetta in a little butter until browned and all fat given up.  Take from pan and keep aside.

Season thighs both sides with salt and pepper and fry in pancetta fat until brown and crispy, keep aside.

Slice onions and fry in pancetta fat until brown and crispy and keep aside.

Drain residue fat and keep for thickening later.

De-glaze pan with cognac and flambé to burn off alcohol.

Add onions, chicken, pancetta, carrots, mushrooms, celery and apple.

Add a little stock and the thyme/rosemary sprigs.

Cover with as much of the scrumpy as is needed.

Simmer on the stove-top for an hour.

Mix flour with pancetta fat to make a thickening roux and add this slowly to the pot, stirring well between each addition until it reaches the right consistency.

Simmer for 10 minutes, taste and season if necessary, serve.

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